Care Supervisor


Lorna has been an invaluable member of our HomeCare Abona team since May 2015, and her journey with us exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Beginning as a dedicated support worker, Lorna’s exceptional skills and dedication quickly propelled her into the role of Care Supervisor.

In her capacity as Care Supervisor, Lorna plays a pivotal role in managing care rosters and orchestrating the delivery of our services. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that the quality of care provided consistently meets the highest standards, while also ensuring that our care staff are equipped to provide the precise level of care and support required.

At HomeCare Abona, we place a strong emphasis on the feedback of our clients. Lorna actively solicits your valuable input, as it guides us in refining our services and swiftly addressing any concerns or challenges that may arise. Lorna’s dedication to excellence and her role in shaping the quality of our care services make her an integral part of our compassionate team.