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Embarking on a Compassionate Journey to Care in Tenerife

Our connection with the captivating island of Tenerife was not merely as visitors but as individuals who contemplated the prospect of making this beautiful place our permanent home. It was during this reflection that we began to ponder the challenges that could arise, particularly concerning the need for care and support. Questions like, "What happens if we face infirmity, disability, or simply age, and how does it compare to the care services we were accustomed to in the UK?" may have crossed your minds as well. We understand that such circumstances can bring about a sense of unease and uncertainty about the future, leaving you wondering who to turn to for assistance. It was with these concerns in mind that we decided to bring the tried-and-true model of our professional UK Care Service, backed by over 30 years of experience, to the shores of Tenerife. Thus, HomeCare Abona was born—a source of solace and support for individuals like you.

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what we do here.

End of life care

At HomeCare Abona, we understand that the prospect of end-of-life care is a deeply sensitive and emotional journey for