Our story

After many years of holidaying on the beautiful island of Tenerife, I explored some concerns faced when considering planning living here permanently.For example “what happens when you become infirm, disabled or just ageing in comparison with what the UK has to offer”?

Unfortunately some of you will have been faced with this situation, causing a period of unsettlement, an uncertainty about your future, and the question of who and where do I turn to resolve your problems.

After careful consideration I made the decision to take the UK model of my professional UK Care Service with over 26 years experience to Tenerife and so HomeCare Abona is here for you.

Why choose home care in Tenerife?

We employ a variety of compassionate individuals, who have an immense amount of skills and experience/qualifications ensuring that all aspects of care is accomplished.

All our staff are vetted and checked through a vigorous recruitment process.

We endeavour to ensure that all our customers have the confidence in our staff members that provide a reliable, friendly and quality service to you.

We can provide carer services directly to your own home, your hotel or apartment.

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